Cultivate Heroes

When working with young athletes this is our ultimate aim – to develop physically superior, robust, decision makers. Who are able solve any problem they face in their field of play because their physical, technical & tactical development allows them to.

In order to achieve this our team of specialists collaborate to develop programmes adapted to the specific individual, team or organisation that we’re working with.


The Taoist symbol of the yin-yang is a pictorial representation of order & chaos, depicting the complementary manner that they mold existence. The red curve of Areté demonstrates the path to take related to them, balanced between both.
This is the way of Areté.

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"The reason we were so keen to go into partnership with Areté Performance was that we believe their passion, drive and knowledge of player development is unrivalled. They are good people who know how to maximise the potential of the athletes they support and they bring a high work ethic and energy to any environment they are a part of.

Their Physical Literacy and Movement Competency programme will help support healthy lifestyles for all our pupils and underpin our PE and Sports programme."

James Honeyben
RGS High Wycombe
Director of Rugby