Progress Not Perfection

With extensive experience of personal training with a truly broad range of individuals, including other world class trainers aiming to stay at the top of their profession. We are specialists in body transformation and lifestyle management. With clients from all walks of life, our expertise includes work with individuals with limited to no training background, those who are coming back to training from severe injury, including individuals with neurological conditions who are focused on maintaining strength, mobility and the quality of life they are used to. Our understanding of elite training allows us to apply the most relevant training tools with our personal training clients, this is a significant difference to using the most 'up to date' or 'cutting edge' methods - our understanding allows us to sieve through the noise and use only what is truly necessary. We believe in intelligent, client/athlete centred training that appreciates the big picture of their life and everything that encompasses it.

"Most people overestimate what they can achieve in a day and underestimate what they can achieve in a year." – Tony Robbins

Intelligent training balances work and recovery to get you to where it is you want to go. Our logo, the curve of Arete represents this process.

We plan training so that this process is repeated, gradually improving your fitness until you reach a place you never thought possible.

Join us up to three mornings a week to train with elite performance coaches and reach the goals you're aiming to achieve through our Arete Performance training programme.

St Mary's University Performance Education Centre
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6:15-7:15am

Pay As You Go - 20 per class
2 sessions p/w per month - 145
3 sessions p/w per month - 185

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