Everyday Athlete Programme

The Everyday Athleté Programme is our premium 1-1 training service where we work with you to achieve your individual goals, regardless of whether they're athletically focused or aesthetically focused, or both!

With years of experience training individuals from a range of training backgrounds & from all walks of life; corporate execs, busy parents, entrepreneurs, senior citizens, young athletes, personal trainers and others from within the fitness & sports industry, as well as 100s of professional athletes from the highest levels of sport, regardless of your goals Areté can help you achieve them.

Whatever your training background, progress is king. The aim of all training programmes should be to move forward - get better each day. Get stronger, fitter and more powerful. Move more freely, take greater control of your body and your mind.

It's nice to look good too!

Muscle growth & fat loss are a natural consequence of Areté Performance programmes and with additional nutritional support included in this programme we can make sure every part of your lifestyle is helping you towards your goals.

We've made the fastest faster, the strongest stronger & the fittest fitter and we're confident we can help you along your journey, wherever it is you're heading.



Aspiring Youth Sportspersons 12-17yrs of Age

This class provide the aspiring sportsperson with the opportunity to learn HOW to TRAIN with our highly qualified coaches. Developing the movement skills and physical qualities that will help them to perform to their maximum in their chosen sports.

At Areté Performance we understand that each young athlete is developing at different rates (biological v chronological age), has varied training ages, levels of movement competency as well as specific sport or position requirements. Our system is delivered by highly qualified Performance Coaches who are able to adjust the training on a daily basis, ensuring the right exercise prescription is applied at the correct time to promote the maximum return on the athlete’s investment. This approach will allow you to have a greater understanding of the demands of your sport and how to structure training to most efficiently influence performance.

Develop the Athletic Qualities for your Sport

Technical & Tactical Sport Specific Focus: Game Sense: Dynamic Change of Direction: Game Changing Speed : Aerobic Capacity : Movement Competency : Stability & Control : Explosive Jumping : Injury Resistance : Nutritional Knowledge : Confidence & Resilience : Adaptable & Self Reliance

Sport is a skill based decision making game and the most successful players are those who are able to adjust to the chaos around them and adapt accordingly – this is the philosophy that underpins our coaching.

Development Menu:

• Monitoring & Readiness Assessments
• Performance Prep Programme
• Robustness & Injury Resilience
• Speed & Agility System
• Power & Strength Programme
• Energy System Development
• Nutritional Support & Education
• Recovery & Regeneration
Athletic Performance Profile

Assessing your current athletic properties to allow you to further develop your strengths whilst enhancing the components that are in need of greatest development, guidance on how you can best improve and enhance these areas.