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At Areté Performance we firmly believe that having control and working towards mastery of your body is an essential facet of Sport & Physical Education. Our objective is to ensure that we create an environment in which all students can work towards this goal at their own pace, exploring movements and challenging themselves in a structured curriculum which also promotes expression and creativity. Each young person is developing at different rates (biological v chronological age), has varied training ages, positive sport/activity experiences and levels of movement competency. As such we apply an individual approach to each pupil, supporting them in their journey based on what they want to express through physical movement.

When working with young people this is our ultimate aim – to develop physically superior, robust, decision makers. Who are able solve any problem they face in their field of play because their physical, technical & tactical development allows them to.

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Services & Expertise

We offer bespoke provision based on the individual requirements, constraints, pedagogy philosophy and purpose of the school, selecting the right delivery options to best support your specific situation.

• Physical Literacy Curriculum

Our system provides a framework from which each pupil can begin to develop mastery of their body and apply this control and movement in a sporting context.

• Sport Specific Athletic Development Programmes

Tailored to the demands of specific teams, sports and individuals. We factor in the technical, tactical & physical demands of training and playing ensuring the pupil is training at a level appropriate to their physical maturity level, competence training age.

• High Quality Coaching

Our Performance Coaches will provide the highest quality of practical delivery enhancing the pupils experience in PE and their enjoyment of sport.

• Physical Profiling & Assessments

We can with non-invasive profiling track the physical progress and movement competency of pupils to provide quantitative feedback to track their own individual journey of physical development.

• Sports Science Support • On-Line Support & Programming
• Strength & Conditioning • Psychology • Staff Development
• Nutrition • Injury Prevention & Return to Play Protocols
• Performance Analysis & Filming

For more information on how we can help your students to enjoy the freedom of movement and to support you school PE and Sports programme contact us here...

RGS High Wycombe, Director of Rugby, James Honeyben:

"The reason we were so keen to go into partnership with Areté Performance was that we believe their passion, drive and knowledge of player development is unrivalled. They are good people who know how to maximise the potential of the athletes they support and they bring a high work ethic and energy to any environment they are a part of.

Their Physical Literacy and Movement Competency programme will help support healthy lifestyles for all our pupils and underpin our PE and Sports programme."